Friday, July 31, 2009

This just in....

So am in taxi on my way back home when guess who Robin calls me. Am a bit surprised cos it's like twelve o' clock at night. So am thinking to myself "what the hell does she want". Next thing I know, she starts talking to me about how she's always had feelings for me and how she wants to do me right now on her couch. So am thinking to myself this is an opportunity to sleep to Robin again but on the other hand am thinking about the "no sex with your bro's ex" rule in the bro code. Am also thinking about how this will affect my friendship with my best friend ted. I mean the first time I had sex with Robin Ted and I got into this really huge fight about friendship and blah blah blah. It got so bad I felt like we were some old married couple or something. So anyways I decide to go over to her place to at least talk to her or something. Well when I get there she appears to be half drunk but she still looks hot as hell. She says with a seductive and inviting voice "come on in". So I walk in to her apartment and man was it a mess. She had clothes all over the place. She offers me a drink and so I take a glass of what seemed to taste like very cheap red wine. So she starts telling me about how she hasn't had sex in two months. Then all of sudden she starts crying. I try to comfort her and all of sudden she kisses me. I start taking her clothes off but all of a sudden an alarm goes off. It's coming from the clock on my bedside. I wake up. It was only a dream. I am thinking to myself what the hell does this dream mean. Well let me make this clear anyway. I am not I repeat am not in anyway in love with Robin or any woman for that matter. I am the Barnicle. The King of one night stands, the ruler of Bachelor country, the founder of not a father's day. I can never be in love. So I like being around Robin I like the way she smells, I always want to be around her and I miss her when she's gone. It dosen't mean am in love with her. Believe me when I say the Barnicle is made to be single. And to prove it to you I am going to McClarens tonight to have sex with the first bimbo I see......just after am done watching the news on metro news 1.

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