Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Don`t Get Married

If there`s one thing you ever going to learn from my blog one of the most important us never ever ever ever get MARRIED. Marriages are the exact opposite of awesomeness. The only thing worse than being married is being canadian...wait...i take that back. Nothing is worse than being canadian. Anyways you see the thing people don`t understand is that marriages does not give you free sex. If you want free sex just put on a suit and go to a bar. Believe when I say Love does not conquer all. Love conquers nothing. To me Marriage is simply this stupid thing that people do as an excuse to get divorced and give away half their stuff a few years later. When you`re married you literally stop having sex. Take my not so awesome friend Marshall. Now Marshall is married to a little red head thing name called Lily. Do you know what Marshall spends his Friday Nights doing....not having sex or at the very best having sex with the very same sily old red head. And do you know what I do on friday Nights, I am busy sleeping with hot bimbos. What can I say..Bimbos make me happy. Their hot, stupid and....hot. As far as am concerned the only good reason to get married is if you`re canadian and you need an American Greencard. So my point is simple...don`t get Married!

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