Thursday, July 16, 2009

Am Awesome

So am sitting down at McClarens when this asian chick walks up to me and starts yapping to me about something in chinese. So anyways five minutes later ted walks into the bar and asks me what that was about and am like "I have no idea". So we order our burger and fries. Twenty minutes later this crazy lesbian chick jumps at me from no where and starts yelling at me about trying to steal her girlfriend. Naturally am shocked but then it occurs to me that her girlfriend must have been the OTHER crazy lesbian I met at the bar. Before I can explain to her that I wasnt doing anything, she hits me on the head with some shoe thingy. Long story short, I ended up having crazy monkey sex with both of them. Which reminds me.. AM AWESOME!


  1. Damn! you are indeed owesome!

  2. Let me ask you a question? What do you say to these women so that they jump in bed with you?