Thursday, July 30, 2009

How Canadian are you.....

I believe that among the top five worst things that could happen to someone, being canadian tops the list. The other four things would be being in a relationship, getting married, having kids and catching the yips. I have designed a quiz that will determine how canadian you really are. Unfortunately for some of you who may test positive of canadianess, medical science is yet to create a cure for being canadian.

quiz # 1
What is your favorite sport?
A. Ice Hockey
B. American Football
C. Basketball

What is your favorite tree?
A. A maple leaf tree.
B. An orange tree.
C. Am too awesome to have a favorite tree.

Which of the following people would you rather have sex with?
A. Robin
B. Heidi Klum
C. Paris Hilton

If all your answers were A, then am afraid you a bit too much canadian. I advice to move to the states (if you don't live here) and have sex with as many American bimbos you can find. And remember never ever ever ever call them again.

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