Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How Hot Are You?

Being the awesome blogger that I am I have designed this Hotness quiz to help my awesome readers find out how hot they really are. This four questions have been carefully designed to help less awesome people (you...no offense) determine how attractive or unattractive they really are.

Question Number 1
1. When you walk into a room full of chicks what do you do?
A. Sit alone with your lame wife
B. Hit on the hottest girl in the bar
C. Stay alone and wait for someone to hit on you

2. You're in a room alone with Scarlett johanssen..what do you do?
A. You joggle
B. You perform a really cool magic trick.
C. You ask for her autograph

3. You just had sex with a hot blonde chick?
A. You ask her out again.
B. You sneak out and never call her again.
C. You ask her to marry you.

4. You're really sad..what do you do?
A. You cry about it.
B. You stop being sad and be awesome instead.
C. You just keep being sad.

If your answers were all B then you are smoking hot. If not then you're not hot. I suggest you get a suit and sleep with some bimbos. That always helps....true story.

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