Friday, July 17, 2009

My Best Kooga

It was a sunny saturday afternoon. I had finally cured my disgusting feelings for that crazy canadian chick Robin. Ted had just told me about this new client he had who was always complaining to him about about his newest project. Anyways Ted challenged me to hook up with so she could be you know...nicer. Anyways so Ted takes me over to her place introduces me as his executive assistant. Well obviously she's surprised that am his assistant since am so suited up but what surprises me the most is that she is...wait for it...a kooga. You all know what a kooga is right? Well for most of you who don't, a kooga is an older woman in her forty's or fifty's who looks hot. Among the characteristics of a kooga are nice boobs (to seduce her prey), long feminine nails (to pounce on her prey) and like I said earlier a kooga is always between forty to fifty. She's not so old for you to hate but just old enough that you KNOW it's a kooga. Any ways to this Ted's kooga is called Sarah. She's about fourty two, nice boobs, long legs. I tell her my name is Eric Gary. So Ted goes on and starts talking about all this architectural bull shit. At the same time I can't take my eyes off this Kooga's boobs. After about an hour of architectural yapping Ted and I start to head towards the door. But as we start leaving, Sarah the Kooga calls me back and tells me to wait. Ted gives me a quick thumbs up and walks away. Well as I seat down with what`s her name..Sarah am thinking that maybe she likes me or something. But it turns out this blonde bimbo thinks am a good executive assistance and wants to hire me can you imagine that...Anyways after the meeting I go to tell Ted about what happened between me and the kooga. Anyways It turns out this Kooga chick wants to meet me over for dinner at her place to discuss hiring me as her executive assistant. So anyways Ted convinces me to go so am like okay whatever. So I go over to her place and I knock on the door but when she opens the door I see that she`s wearing the half naked lingerie thing. Before I can say anything she drags and we have sex then and there. Anyway I pulled and all-nighter and after that...well let`s just say Ted`s job became a lot easier. So once again I Barney Stinson tamed the kooga and I have the slides to prove it....true story.

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