Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lily who......

So I made the incredibly huge mistake of telling Lily about that dream I had the other night. So anyways as expected she tells that big-headed pain in the ass Marshall. And now all of a sudden am "lover boy". Like that is in bad enough now I think Robin might have found out because she keeps giving me these weird looks all the time....or maybe it's because of the new suit I just got. So now am trying to put all this Robin thing behind me. I leave McClaren`s at about one in the morning. And guess who`s calling....Robin. I pinch myself just to make sure I wasn`t dreaming. She tells me to meet her at that new chinese restaurant at fifth avenue. So I ask the taxi driver to take me there. On my way there am thinking to myself `Robin hates chinese food`. When I get there guess who I see at the entrance of the Restaurant. It`s Lily and Marshall laughing at the top of their voices. Am angry as hell so I get off the taxi and yell at Lily and Marshall at the top of voice and just when their about to say what think might have been an apology, I yell again and get back into the cab. I am officially not talking to Lily or Marshal. I guess this proves that red heads can`t keep secrets.

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