Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Truth About The Hot Crazy Scale

Most people have asked me about how the hot crazy scale really works and I've decided to finally explain. You see what most people don't get about the hot crazy scale is that what's most important is how crazy a girl is not how hot she is. Let me give you an example. About a year ago i met this chick named stephanie at a bar in the upper west side. She had the nicest lips ever and boobs! Anyways so i offer to buy her a drink but instead of accepting my offer she decides to buy me a drink instead..CRAZY! So we talk and then she tells me that she's from..wait for it..wait for it...wait for it...CANADA! CRAZY!!. So am sitting there thinking to myself there is no way am gonna go home with this woman cos she's crazy. So anyways just as am about to leave she comes close to me to me and offers me a blowjob. And am thinking to myself what am I gonna do now. But before I even give her an anwser she drags me straight into the men's room and starts taking my pants off. Long story short we did it in the men's room. So we go back into the bar to get back to our drinks and we start talking. In the middle of our discussion out of no where she tells me she's IN LOVE WITH ME..CRAZY! Am thinking i've got to get out of here but then she starts tell me about how she a yoga instructor and that she can bend over backwards. This makes her higher in a hot scale. Long story short I took her to my place and my place banged her and left when she was in the shower. Anyways the lesson is if you think a woman is too crazy just bang her and never see her again...AWESOME!

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