Monday, July 27, 2009

I am not SWARLEY...

A few years ago, this girl with the crazy eyes served me a cup of coffee and addressed it to swarley. Well ted and marshall thought it would be funny...I didn't. It was and is a stupid respectful name. It was absolutely humiliating. I kept receiving this stupid phone calls down at McClarens. Robin even got registered for a magazine under the name...Swarlous. It was so hard getting over that name. Then yesterday I received this message in my fan mail addressed to Swarley. So I have taken time out to point it out to everyone out there. I AM NOT SWARLEY. In fact there is no swarley. I am Barney Stinson. An awesome respectable member of society. Swarley is a stupid name. In fact it's not a name. It's a stupid not a name. The next person who refers to me as swarley is hereby banned from reading my blog. So from now on no more more more more swarlicious. By the power invested in me by bimbos, I hereby proclaim the death of swarley. All that is left is the awesome and Legendary BARNEY STINSON.

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  1. Hi,
    Today I got an invitation on facebook to accept you as a friend, but it had the "S...." name to it. Though at first I did not know who it was as I do not know who is who etc so I accepted the invite to see who I was dealing with. The pics are pretty convincing especially some personal ones which seems like they are... so my next question was why the invite to me? So, must say the profile on facebook is really convincing my apologies that I did not know your real name. Heck I am a down to earth person so I really don't look for info on anyone just enjoy the entertainment they provide for our viewing and appreciate the hard work they put in. take care Diana