Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Crazy Eyes

Today, I am going to be talking about a phenomenon commonly referred to as crazy eyes. You all remember my good friend Marshall don't you. Well a couple of years ago when he broke up with Lily he met this cute girl...hmmm....I don't remember her name. Anyways the this girl was smoking hot and way out of Marshall's league. Well the only problem was this girl had the crazy eyes. Her eyes were sooo crazy. But Marshall couldn't see it because he was suffering from " Haven't been laid in a while syndrome". I and Ted taunted him day and night to leave her but he never listened. Anyway eventually he realized how crazy she was and left her. My point is no matter hot a woman may seem at first, look into her eyes and see if their crazy. I once that this french chick that had a rack the size of Marshall's head. The only problem was that she had the crazy eyes. So one minute she was taking her clothes off the next minute she was yelling at me. Another minute she was giving me a blow job the next minute she was crying her eyes out. So I had no choice but to do the only possible thing when faced with the crazy eyes..I slept with her and never called her again. Which reminds awesome.(hmmm... I wonder if I can still find her number)

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