Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Cheerleader Effect

Many have asked me time and time again what the cheerleader effect is exactly. Being the awesome blogger that I am, I have decided to fully explain the meaning of the cheerleader Effect. You see the cheerleader Effect is a situation in which not so hot or awesome people who do not appear hot as individuals seem hot when in a group. This is very common among cheerleaders. Hence the name; cheerleader effect. The origins of the cheerleader can be dated back many years ago when the great Barnibus Stinson( my great grand father) discovered the Bro code. Since then the cheerleader effect has evolved in different shapes and sizes. Among some very poplar examples of the cheerleader effect are; the Brazilian soccer team of the 1990's, the cheerleding team of oklahama state football team, the spice girls, and believe it or not....the pussycat dolls. It was only in the late 1990's that some very few cases of the cheerleader effect in men were observed. Some common examples are the England football team and President Clinton's Cabinet. I myself have been victim to the cheerleader effect quite a number of times so my advise is, the next time you see a bunch of hot looking women at a bar, take a good look at them one by one.

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