Monday, August 3, 2009

Mariah Vs Eminem......Barney's Verdict

I've never really been into rap music or music as a whole, but a fan recently sent me a mail asking me for my opinion on the whole Eminem vs Mariah carey issue. Well being the great blogger that I am, I have taken some time off my busy schedule of being awesome to give my honest opinion. The first mistake Eminem made was obvious and this brings me lesson number one for today. Never ever ever ever have sex with a celebrity without making a sex tape out of it. It's the least you should get for the hard work. Nailing a celebrity requires a lot of complex strategy and technique. I would know that because I happen to have a lot of experience in it. And every now and then I watch those tapes over and over again and I think to myself " I could do really well in porn". But anyways mistake number two for Eminem was making a big deal out of the whole thing from the start. So here comes lesson number two; never ever ever ever get into a public fight with a woman ( if you're a guy). It never ends well no matter what. Whether you're right or wrong or you win or lose it's never a pretty sight. And finally I think Mariah wins this one hands down. Not only does she have really big boobs her obsessed video is classy and turned out to be quiet a hit. So sorry M&M's but this goes to Mariah (whom I have slept with by the way)

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  1. You've obviously haven't heard "The warning" By Eminem.