Friday, August 7, 2009

Brody comes to town...

So I told you guys about how me and Vince Chase gotten into a fight and are no more bros. Well Ted's been busy with his new girlfriend so I needed a new wing man. This time I was definitely not going to go with that guy that bleeds from his nose and Marshall was too busy being....married. So anyways I heard that my old buddy Brody was in town, apparently he was in for a meeting about getting on a new show. So I decided to give him a call to meet me up at McClarens. The only small problem with that was that Brody is kind of a celebrity and also I personally feel he sometimes earns some undeserved attention. But lucky for someone like me am also kind of a celebrity because of my blog which readers like you just can't get enough of. So it's just around ten at night and I meet up with Brody over at McClarens. He isn`t suited up, but he`s always been okay without a suit so I ignore that. ``Hey Barney`` he says to me when he sees me. So I say `` Am ok man. It`s nice to see you after so long``. So we order a couple of beers and after getting just a little bit drunk we get down to business. But before Brody can start performing his full duties as my official wing man, some hot blonde chick with crazy eyes comes over to our table and whispers something into brody`s ear. All of sudden Brody starts leaving and I ask him `` Hey man where you going so soon`` and his like`` sorry bro, this chick just told me she`ll like to have sex with me. see you later``. What a stupid idiot! Stupid celebrities, they think they own the place. Whatever happened to the strong ties of broness. Whatever happened wing men helping each other out. The bro code clearly states ``Bros before hoes``. Brody was in direct violation of the bro code. He isn`t my bro, he`s just an overpaid celebrity with horny hot groupees. Anyways that`s all in the past. I guess I`ll be flying solo for a while.

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