Thursday, August 6, 2009

So Vincent Chase calls..

I told you guys about the call I received from Joey Tribbiani right. So apparently he's friends with Vincent Chase the star of Aquaman. Vince sent me a mail last week telling me about what a good job i've been doing with my blog. He said he thought I had the most interesting information on the internet ( after porn of course). In a spirit of good broness. I sent him a reply that looked something like this.
Dear Vinnie Chase,
I read your letter and I have to confess am a big fan. Aqua man was a brilliant movie and Queen's bolevard was a great movie too. I especially loved your sex scene with Scarlett Johannsen. Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for your support and from one bro to another.....good luck
From Barney Stinson

So I was thinking to myself now I've got another cool bro to hang out with whenever Ted was to busy been in a relationship or something. But surprisingly today he about how him and Joey have been bros for a really long time. He says "Joey is my man. He's like my number one wing man and I really do not appreciate you insulting him or talking crap about him. I tell him " Hey come down Vinnie it's not a big deal. I mean am also your bro too right?" "Not any more" he says. Then he bangs the phone down like some stupid idiot. So now apparently I and Vinnie Chase and his stupid entourage have a beef. But don't expect me to go making some stupid rap or some video about how he's obsessed with me. I have a lot more dignity than that. Besides am a lot more awesome than Vinnie Chase or he's gay friend Joey... I have a suit and they don't.

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