Friday, August 14, 2009

You won`t belive what I just found out.....

You guys remember when I told you about how Ted's girlfriend tried to seduce me. Of course you do you read my blog everyday. Well I hadn't made up my mind about whether to tell ted about it or not. So I decided to talk to Lily and Marshal about it and you know ask for some advice. So am at the McClarens with Lily and Marshal telling them about what happened with me and Ted`s girlfriend or rather what almost happened and all of a sudden they start laughing. And am like ``What`s so funny about that``. And Lily says ``You`ll see soon enough`` And like five minutes later Ted walks in all smiling and everything. And he says ``Hey Barney I hear you`ve met Cindy, Karen sister``. And Lily and Marshal start laughing again. After they finally stopped laughing. They explained everything to me. It turns out the girl I met in Ted`s apartment was actually his girlfriend`s.....wait for it.....identical twin sister. Can you believe that! So I practically turned down a good set of tits for no good reason. Apparently now Cindy thinks am gay for turning her down. Can you believe that! Am the most straight person in the world. By mere statistics alone I don`t think there`s a strighter man on the planet. So now am on my way to Ted`s place to try to seduce this Cindy person...damn I`ve never been this angry since I found out my accountant was canadian.

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