Monday, August 10, 2009

A time for Reflection

Am still working on a plan to break Ted and his girlfriend up. I've thought about seducing her or getting someone to do it for me, but I didn't want to break the bro code. Any way the recent events in my life have made me reflect more on myself. I now find myself asking " Do I do enough?" Do I watch porn enough, Do I wear suits enough and most importantly, Do I have sex enough? My dear fellow Americans, I encourage all of you to reflect on your lives. Do you wake up to the same woman every morning? or a to a different bimbo every morning? If your answer is yes to the first question then you are a complete idiot and I here by ban you from ever reading my blog again. If your answer is yes to the second question....then you're just awesome. America was built on a foundation of bimbos. No bimbos in bars would be like no alcohol at bars or no suits at the shopping mall. They complete this great country and make it what it is today. I encourage all of you to rise up and have sex with as many bimbos as you can find. People may tell you it is impossible but I the Barnicle tells you it is possible. I want each and everyone of you to go towards a point in life where the possible and the impossible meet....the possimpleble. The is is a place where very few men have ever reached. So what is the possimpleble? Instead of giving you a definition I would prefer to give you a pure and simple example. Banging the waitress at your favourite bar....possible. Banging a famous celebrity.....for some people impossible. The Possimpleble is where these two things meet. The possimpleble in this case will be banging a famous waitress. Get it. If I can leave you with one thought today my dear blog readers.....nothing and everything is possimpleble.

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