Thursday, August 6, 2009

Guess who sent me a text...

Well it turns out Vinnie Chase knows a friend who knows a friend who's got a gun. So this "friend" sent me a text message. It kind of looks like this

Hey Barney, I know who you are. If you ever disrespect my friend Vinnie chase, I'll cut off your balls and feed them to my dog bruno. I know where you live and if you fuck with me I'll shoot your legs off.

A regular person would be frightened by this. But not me. Am pretty damn sure this is just some stupid dumbass prank by Joey or maybe even Vince. I showed the message to Ted and he thinks I should call the cops but I think that's exactly what Vince wants me to do. It's just amazing how this whole thing could escalate to stupid childish threats. Any way I don't care about that. But just for insurance am thinking of becoming bros with Brody. Apparently he had a fight with the dude that won his "Bromance" show so now they're not speaking. I mean Ted is a great bro but he's always too busy with this his new girlfriend Mariam or something but Brody has all the connections plus he reads my blog. Anyway I've gotta go give Brody a call. And Vince..I know you're reading this you low life prick. Am awesome and you're not. So quit the stupid messages or I just might call the cops.

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