Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Guess who I did last night........

It was just after midnight. So I made a call to this nurse/college student that I met a few weeks ago. Like I've said before, the later the time of the day the less words you have to say when making a booty call. So basically when this nurse/college student picked up the phone (by the way her name was Karen). All I had to say was; "you busy" and when she said no I said "McClarens in half an hour" and I hung up. So anyway she calls about twenty minutes later and tells me that her best friend just broke up with her boyfriend so she needs to hang out with her and try and make her feel better. The average guy will take this as a no and spend the night alone. But being the great Barnicle that I am I saw this as a not so obvious opportunity to ride...wait for it...the tricycle. The tricycle is sometimes referred to as a threesome or "La trois" in french. So anyway I told Karen that I was a professional relationship expert and that I could help her friend out. So she sent me her address and s0 I got to her place about twenty minutes later. Surprisingly, her friend was a lot hotter than she was. So anyway I start working my charm telling her about how she was too good for her boyfriend blah blah blah. When she finally stopped crying, I was just about to move up to step two, body contact when out of nowhere Karen asked " Hey Barney, would like to sex with the both of us. Threesomes always cheers us up after a breakup". Long story short, let's just say her indecent proposal was met with multiple entries. Anyway the lesson of this story is this never take no for an answer. If there's a suit, there's a way.

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  1. hmz good lesson yes
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    whats wrong with other people?