Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A golden rule you must never forget.....

Someone recently asked me " Barney when exactly should I call a girl to ask her out after getting her number?". The answer is simple. Remember when I told you guys about the "three day rule", well the truth is that deciding when to call a girl is a lot more complicated than waiting for three days. Today am going to me teaching you about one of the golden rules when it comes to calling a woman and it's simple "Never ever ever ever ever ask a woman out to lunch if you think you can get her to sleep with you on the fist date" The reasons are simple. No woman does one night stands in the afternoon. This being because women are not that horny in the day. I mean they have been some exceptions. There was this one time when I banged Ted's Doctor's secretary during broad day light. But that's just because am awesome. Not many people are nearly as awesome as I am. Another reason for this Golden Rule is most women are not intoxicated during the day, at night however women get drunk and can easily be taken advantage of. Don't get me wrong, it is still possible to bang a woman when she is completely sober but a lot easier when she's at least a little bit drunk. Finally, I think the most important reason for this rule is when you bang a woman at night, she can fall asleep therefore giving you the chance to get out before she wakes up. On the other hand a woman who has been banged during the day is very alert. And remember guys it's called one night stand not one day stand.

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