Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Joey Tribbiani Calls.....

So am sitting in my living room minding my own business when Joey (from friends) calls. And he starts yapping about how he`s got more game than me. Can you believe that! So anyway am like I`ve had sex with a lot more woman than he has (which I have). Then he says `shut up swarley, I keep hearing all this stuff on the internet about you having more game than me. It`s pissing me off and you really need to stop spreading false stories.` Then I remind him that he dosen`t even own a single suit. Not even one! Besides he could not bang Rachel. All he has is some stupid catch phrase....``how you doing``. Then he says he`s more awesome than I am. That`s when I get really mad! As you all know I Barney Stinson am the most awesome person in the world. Otherwise you wouldn`t be reading my blog. Which brings me to point number two; Joey dosen`t even have a blog. Am not even sure if he has a computer! Then he starts threatening me about how he could kick my ass and blah blah. I get angry so I hung the phone up. Can you imagine that nonsense. Joey saying he has more game than me...what a stupid moron!

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