Saturday, August 8, 2009

Am Breaking Up Ted And His Girlfriend

My dear blog readers, It's no longer news that Brody and I are no longer bros. That being because he broke one of the most sacred rules of the bro code. Article 51, bro before hoes. So any way I am officially broless now. Well the real big problem is that Ted and his stupid girlfriend have been hanging out way too much. I mean it's like I don't even exist any more. The other night I walked in on them making out. I asked Ted to follow me down to McClarens to act as my wing man. And guess what....he turned me down because apparently it's was their stupid anniversary. Can you believe that? He would rather hang out with his girlfriend than help me pick up chicks on his anniversary for that stupid! So anyway folks i've finally made up my mind to break Ted and his girlfriend up. I know it sounds extreme but it's for Ted's good. I mean, if I don't break them up now they could end up married and have kids. Why spend your life with one woman when you can have them all? Why have kids when you can be awesome like me? Anyway am off to finish making my plan for Ted and "what's her name" to break up. Wish me luck.

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