Monday, November 30, 2009

What people are saying about the playbook....

Being the awesome guy that i am, i have taken time out of my busy schedule of awesomeness to find out what people think about the playbook..

Ssup Barney. My cell mate borrowed me a copy of the play book. And it's aite.
I especially like the "Am a hardcore rap artist". I think am definitely gonna try that one out when i get outta prison considering am actually a hardcore rap artist.

Barrack Obama
After the C.I.A inspected the copy of the play book you sent me, i spent hours studying it. I've
already sent a copy of the book to the russian prime-minister and he loves it. I think the playbook is what this country needs right now to get us out of this economic
mess Bush put us in. And to those who are wondering whether the plays in the playbook are
say to them.....YES WE CAN!!!

David Beckham
Fantastic barney absolute fantastic. Blimey barney the playbook
is spot-on. Me and me mates are going down to the pub to try out sum'or tha plays in tha book. Hopefully porshe doesn't read your blog.

Kobe Bryant
To be the best you've got to beat the best and i think that's what this playbook is all about. Good job barney, hopefully this book will take us to the playoffs


  1. I wish real Barney Stinson had written this blog.....

  2. You know, this blog is supposed to be from Barney Stinson's p.o.v. It should be written by Barney, or the actor who played barney, Neil Patrick Harris. I would love that.

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  4. The people just know how to reclaim and find problems....
    The blog's awesome, keep doing this, maybe you're doing this better then the guy who writes the real caracter.

  5. you cant make up peoples thoughts my blog is more like Barney...