Saturday, March 3, 2012

I endorse Newt Gingrinch

As you all know I'm not really into politics, usually I'm too busy being awesome..WUTTUP!!! But I stumbled upon the Republican party's debate last night, and I've gotta tell you that Newt Gingrinch dude is my kinda guy. I mean sure he's really old...weird looking and has a head shaped like a turtle. But his numbers are outstanding. And I'm not talking political jib-jab numbers, I'm talking player numbers. This dude banged his 26 year old high school teacher when he was 19, then left her for this other chick 9 years younger than he was. And now his married to this foxy milf name Callista. People, these are numbers we can believe, not to mention he has a great suit. And sure his been married a few times, but who else are you gonna vote for; that a Romney dude? his been with the same chick for years. And don't even get me started on Santorum, do you even know what Santorum means? Because I wish I didn't...

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