Sunday, June 20, 2010

In South Africa

I've been in south africa with Ted and Robin for the world cup all week so i haven't had time to write in my blog. The reason I've been here is obvious...its the soccer world cup. But one might ask " But Barney, you don't like soccer". Trueeee....buttt believe me when I say the soccer world cup is one of the best ways to picking up chicks. And if u are as awesome as I am [which of course you're not] you would take full advantage of it. Am pretty sure you're all aware I am still trying to have sex with at least one woman from every country in the world and where better to meet women from different parts of the world other than the world cup. Now here are some tips to picking up chicks at the world cup;

(1.) Learn the game of soccer, you're gonna need to know about offsides, free kicks and all that other nonsense. Now I know what you're thinking....its boring, trust me I know but its very useful for making conversation.

(2) Post game parties. You're gonna wanna hit on chicks from countries that lost. Basically cos chicks get really depressed when their teams losses. And there's no better solution to depression other than the Barnicle himself..[virtual Hi-5].
Well I've got to go now Spain just lost to Switzerland and there's this Spanish chick I met last night....[oh wait..what was her name again?]. Anyways I'll give you more tips later..


  1. Barney, from Spain, you´re the best, you´re awesome!
    Wish I could get a picture with you.

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  3. Neil,you´re mi idol.What do you think of my blog? what please

    mi e-mail:

  4. Yo, is real you, or some fan make this up??

  5. Dude, you're awesome, you've got barney's mind, congratulations, awesome blog!